I’ve had a pretty similar series of thoughts :)

With one additional one: I am not at all convinced that my current “standard of living” is going to be the same for even the next decade, much less the next 5 or 6. In part that is because I am an early retiree. In part that is because I live in Vietnam.

For example, there’s a chance my partner and I decide to have a child. Beside the obvious costs of that, in Vietnam you will be using private schools. Pre-school might be $12,000. Primary school $18,000. High school $25,000. Admittedly that’s for the upper-tier schools like British International School. But the others aren’t that much cheaper. That would obviously be quite a large increase in annual spending.

Or, leaving having kids aside, maybe someday we decide we’re tired of living in Vietnam for whatever reason (maybe we finally get fed up with increasing pollution and traffic; maybe development turns it into another Singapore and takes away the charm; maybe something else) and move back to Australia. Which would dramatically affect our cost of living.

Between those two thoughts I have ample motivation/excuses to keep my withdrawals below what PMT suggests I can use in the early part of my retirement.

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